Erica Marx

Game of Many Things

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Instructor established several games and gives numbers to each one. Instructor calls out the number of the game and group quickly takes that shape/pattern/action.



awareness of people in the group
quick actions & responsiveness 


Instructor establishes each game, one at a time, emphasizing people paying attention to who they are giving / receiving from or the role the person has in the pattern. As each game is established it is given a number.

For example:

Pattern 1 = pass the clap (establish order) Can also establish reverse order. 1a
Pattern 2 = cereal names (establish order)
Pattern 3 = group sculpture of an airplane (remember your position)

Then the instructor calls out the pattern and group quickly forms that pattern. ie. 2! 1a! 3! 1! etc.


played at Improv Utopia East

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