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Expert interview

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1 person is expert, 1 person is interviewer



Build confidence to speak when you don't know what will happen next
creative thinking on the spot


2 people sit in chairs - one is the host of the TV show, "Everything You Wanted to Know about Absolutely Everything. The other is the guest. The teacher or facilitator plays the host.

Before we start the scene, the host takes suggestions from the audience about the guest's area of expertise.

Cut to the scene - The host welcomes everyone to the show and introduces the guest, giving him or a funny name related to their expert area. The host asks the guest how they started in this line of work. Guest answers and then hosts takes questions from the audience. Guest must answer very quickly "without thinking".

The results are usually hilarious and gratifying to everyone in the room.

Single expert in the center of the circle. Expert is expert on anything in the whole world. People around the circle raise their hands ask questions (any kind of question) and the expert calls on them and gives a response with complete confidence.

ie. why do turtles hate water? What is 1394 x 233? How can i find true love? Why do some leaves not turn colors in the fall? Why are chairs so grumpy?

After 3 questions are answered (or everyone answers the question) a new expert goes into the center of the circle.

This game was used y Jocelyn to transition us into character work. We then played characters and she stopped us at a point and asked us questions about our character. "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" "you said you're grumpy but this was your idea, what gives?" "why are you digging in the desert? where did you get the shovel?"

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