Erica Marx

Emotion Walk

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5 - 10

Emotion walk 



understand how emotions affect how we relate to each other (applied improv)

become comfortable expressing strong emotions (improv)


Players are instructed to walk embodying different emotions while the instructor adjusts the scale of how intensely they are feeling that emotion from 0-10.

Start with neutral walk. I then give them an animal to embody with their walk before calling out an emotion and a number (cats, penguins, etc). Especially if you're going to intense emotions, I think helps people focus more on the effect of the emotion in its essence. I want them to see the impact of the emotion on how they relate to others, how they move, etc. not to get lost in a personal story of their own excitement, grief, etc.

As they move around I encourage them to relate to others in the group as well. Make eye contact as is consistent with their 'character', notice how they are moving, notice the group. You can encourage them to relate to each other with words as well, making short micro scenes within the group. 






Fun to end on a high note (Excited Penguins at 9!)


lots of variations out there! 

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