Erica Marx

Create obstacles

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One player creates obstacles that a second player must navigate



practice space and object work


2 players

Copy obstacle version

One chasing the other by running in place. The person in the front mimes various terrain changes like jumping over things, going under things, ducking, climbing ladders, falling into holes, etc. The second player copies what they are doing as if they are running over the same terrain.  See video

Build Obstacle version
Player 1 builds obstacles in front of the chaser and the chasing person needs to figure out how to get through them. For example, Player 1 may pantomime nailing up a bunch of boards in front of Player 2. Then Player 2 gets a sledgehammer and busts through them. Player 1 advances and pours buckets of sticky substance on the floor, player 2 sprays oil on their feet and walks over the ground w/out sticking, etc. 

Do in slow motion (this is somewhat necessary in build obstacle version)


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