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Alien, Tiger, Cow

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fun warm-up game played in pairs



warm up to quickly taking on characters & being playful


Purpose: A fun way to get students comfortable around each other and outside their shell.

In pairs, standing back to back

On the count of 3, the players have the choice of being one of three things (like rock, paper, scissors):

ALIEN: they hold their fingers up to their head like an antennae and say “Bleep, bleep, bleep”

TIGER: they throw their hands out like claws and say “Roooar!”

COW: they put their hands on their tummies with fingers sticking out (like utters) and say “Mooo”

On the count of 3 everyone has the choice of being one of these things. Both turn around simultaneously. Goal be for everyone to become the SAME character.

Pair up with 2 people you don't work with / don't know well
Tell people to take a breath first, then 1-2-3
After a couple rounds tell people to consider not what you want, but what the group needs. 


Have people look down (works more smoothly than turning around or turning camera on and off)

Importance of celebrating small wins
Value in everyone coming together, expressing themselves

Variation - as circle elimination game

See also Matt Weinstein for variations
Panther / Psychic / Person

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