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After Action Review

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After Action Reviews are typically done during and after a project's lifetime to generate learning for the future



To evaluate any project or event and communicate the learning from the evaluation to the appropriate stake holders.





    Types of participants: All of the people who participated in the event or project

    Time needed: A day for a big project

    Ideal conditions: As soon after the project or event was completed

    Pre-Work Required: Presentation needs to be prepared for the intent section.


    See attached file


    Follow-Up Required: Implement the communications plan.

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: Lists answering the questions and a communications plan to report the findings

    Potential pitfalls: Not actually getting out what the intention of the project or event really was.

    How success is evaluated: Communicating the results to the relevant stake holders.


    Examples of successes and failures:

    The US and Dutch Armies use this as does Shell.

    References: 1. Opening
    2. What was intented?
    3. What actually happened?
    4. What did we learn?
    5. Who are we going to tell?

    Alternative names: AAR

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