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3 things in common

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In pairs, partners find 3 unusual things they have in common. Then each pair chooses one to share with the group. 



connect participants with each other
get to know others in group


1. Start in a circle and then have everyone begin walking around the room. 

2. Instruct participants to "find someone that they don't know very well" for this activity and stand next to them.

Suggest some prompts - shared experiences, 
ie. first job
(don't suggest likes/dislikes)

3. Each pair now has 3 minutes to find the most unusual 3 things that they have in common. Encourage them to really explore to find the most unusual things. They will likely start with things like pets and places they've lived, but then will dig deeper to find shared hobbies, fears, travels, desires, experiences, etc. 

4. After 3 minutes instruct each pair to take 1 minute to choose one thing to share with the group.

5. Reform group circle. Go around the circle and each pair shares their shared unusual thing.

Debrief options
What strategies did you use to find things in common? Unusual things? 
What's patterns do you notice in the unusual things?
What does this tell us about what we find interesting in others? In what we share?
What surprised you?
How have your feelings changed toward your partner? 
What does this show you about forming connections?
How does what you found in common relate to X topic (of the training, workshop, team, etc.)? How could you apply it?

Possible to connect regardless of difference

Possible variation - put questions on cards. 


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