Simple breakout room management

Add breakout sessions to your agenda with ease. Quickly overview and organize every room.
Assign facilitators and display breakouts on printouts to support
your process and run smooth, effective sessions.

Breakout management made easy

Add breakout sessions to your agenda with one click. Add additional rooms and adjust the timing for your breakout blocks with ease. 
Drag, drop and reorder your breakout rooms as you see fit.
However many breakouts you run, SessionLab makes it easy to stay organized and on track.


Customize rooms to meet your needs

Help your breakouts run smoothly by adding the information you need. Assign specific collaborators and facilitators to each breakout room.

Add detailed instructions, notes and materials. Attach worksheets, Zoom links or whiteboards to each breakout so your team has everything they need in one place.


Simple overview

Take the complexity out of organizing breakouts with an easy-to-understand overview. Easily see all of your breakout rooms at once or zoom in to adjust the blocks in a specific room.

Quickly see how your breakouts affect your session flow and make informed design decisions. Running multiple-days and sessions in parallel? Use the multi-day overview to move content between days and keep your team on track.

Make changes, stay organized

Complicated events with parallel sessions are often subject to change. Add additional breakout groups or combine others with ease.
Need to add extra time or cut a session short?

Adjust the timing of individual breakout rooms or your entire breakout session.
In SessionLab, your overall session timing updates in real-time, whatever changes you make.

Printouts to support your events

Display your breakout rooms on your printouts and shareable agendas. Give participants and clients a simple overview of all parallel sessions. Show who is assigned to each breakout room and add detailed instructions and links if needed. 

Support your team with customizable printouts and help your event run smoothly.

Collaborative agenda planning

Invite your event co-facilitators and clients to co-create your agenda in real-time. No more sending documents back and forth. Assign collaborators to specific blocks. Stay in control with editor and viewer controls. 

Leave notes, comments and track changes to stay aligned and design efficiently as a team. Add checklists for pre breakout room checks and help your whole team feel prepared.

An amazing tool that has completely transformed the way I can both prepare and keep records of my workshops
Erica Marx
Online Events Producer & Facilitator
It's the only tool that makes it easy to manage blocks of time/activities when planning and producing an event.
Fredrik Matheson
UX Lead at Bekk Consulting AS

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