Erica Marx

Your Amazing Future (Because of that...)

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With a series of prompts a surprising and amazing future is created.



* connect people to possible futures
* show how different actions create new futures (cause & effect) 
* great starting activity for a conference 


As an opening activity to a conference:

The person across from you is your very best friend from back home. It’s 1 week from now, conference is over, you’re telling them all about it

It went super well, AMAZING! Everything you could hope for for you personally, for your business, for your perspective, relationships. What happened? What made it so great? You will have 45 seconds and then I’ll ring the bell.

Person who has been in (the city where the conference is held) the longest. Tiebreaker: Biggest shoes goes first

Go!  45 sec... Bell!

Now, it’s 10 years in the future! Same friend, and you have not seen them in 10 years.

Greet each other.
Partner 2 reminds you that the last time they saw you you had just come back from that conference...
Partner 1 Oh, yes, I ... (whatever stood you to you from your share about the conference).
Partner 2 says enthusiastically And because of that…
Partner 1 completes the sentence
Partner 2 says And because of that…
Partner 1 completes the sentence

etc. for 30 seconds (DEMO)

30 seconds: go

Switch: person sharing & person listening (45..30 seconds)


Erica Marx created as adaptation from Amy Angelli's Because of That (BOT) game from Story Spine

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