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In group establish 1 pattern with "you" and change places. Establish 2nd pattern with a category. Run both patterns at once


group concentration
awareness of whole group
clear communication 


Everyone in a circle. Everyone raises their right hand. The 1st person points to someone in the circle with their hand up and says "you." They do the same until everyone`s hand is down, and the last person has pointed back to the 1st person, thus completing the circle. Important: This is a pattern that never changes. Repeat the pattern until it feels comfortable. Then switch places in the circle. Repeat the pattern. Close your eyes, and repeat the pattern.

When everyone is comfortable with that, everyone raises their hand again. The same 1st person begins. Name something: a favorite tv show, food, whatever. Don`t point to the same person that you did last time. Once you feel comfortable with this pattern, you begin both. Start with "you" and add the next level. (Ex: "you, you, you, string beans, you, corn, pizza, you, etc.).

If you feel that this is becoming too easy, add a third pattern, switch places in the circle, close your eyes.


More of a challenge, start two patterns, and then add the pattern of pointing to someone, and saying the name of the person to your right. Once that pattern is established, switch places in the circle.

Even more complicated: make another pattern by pointing at players. Once the pattern is established, players in turn take the "next" player's position in the circle; every time someone takes a player's position, that player walks to his next person and takes that position. Repeat this while passing the other patterns.

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