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We, yes, yes!

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Player 1 initiates with a statement beginning with "we," player 2 repeats and yes-ands, and so on. 



To introduce players to verbal yes-anding and building a scene

To align players and to focus on listening and responding

To yes-and one step at a time


Two people up.  Player 1 initiates with a statement that begins with "we," e.g. "We are flying a plane!" or "We are really upset" or "We love working at this auto repair shop!"  Player 2 respond by saying, "Yes, yes we do! [or yes, yes we are!]" and then adding more detail.  

This can be done as a three line scene, or scenes can go on a bit longer.

Coaching Notes:

1) Remind players to start with "we."  Sometimes people are inclined to start with "I."

2) Encourage them to involve emotion or action.  Then they can embody it as they learn about it.  "Oh, we're mad! Right!" (then that player can show being mad).  

3) "should" statements are tricky.  After a few happen, note that "should" pushes things to the future rather than making them active and in the present.  Encourage them to stick with "we are" or "we feel" or verbs of that sort.  

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