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Word Association Toss w/ Sound Response

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Partners quickly form a sound & motion "sculpture" in response to a word that gets tossed to them, then word association continues.

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practice acceptance and quick response
Allow brain to relax and accept the unexpected.
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    Warm up: Word association in a circle

    Round 1: Pass the words like in sound & motion (looking at the next person)
    Round 2: Say the words into a central “pot” (the middle of the circle).

    This helped people be more free, created a cool disconnected/connected feeling of the group sharing

    In circle
    Say person's name and toss them a word. 
    Player 2 receives word and restates it. Then calls next person's name and tosses them a word.
    John: "Suzie, brick." (tosses her the brick) 
    Suzie: "Brick. Julie, stone" (tosses her the stone)

    A-B-C association
    First make A-B associations as above
    Then do A-B outloud (say B but don't toss) and toss the C association. 
    Then do A-B with B silent and toss the C to the next person.

    Warm up: Practice sound/motion response to a word

    First in whole group
    Then in pairs in the circle
     accept each other -- complementary / mirror / etc

    Word Association Toss - In pairs, still in circle
    Word association back and forth between partners until you hear the bell 
    At bell you’ll pass your word you ended on to the next pair

    Pair will create sound & motion sculpture with that word suggestion.

    In each pair, person with ___ will go first every time.

    Train transition cues --

    I say “321” word association starts
    Bell - stop talking (remember last word)
    Share out loud pair by pair
    (or you could have one person in each pair share and one person receive)

    Bell - sculpture

    Bell - end sculpture and pick up word association again until next bell

    Demo each part

    Notes - I had each pair say the word out loud that was being tossed. This was fun to see the diversity in the room.

    Could use more clear instructions on how to make the sound/motion interpretation. For example, are they converging? Being complementary? Give instruction to make eye contact? How to connect to theme of acceptance

    Related - passing words as gifts


    Jim / Erica brainstorm on how to create games that focus on acceptance

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