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Word association pass

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words are passed like gifts in the group



accepting offers as gifts
group awareness, working together


Round 1: In a circle, one person tosses another person a word. The receiver physically receives the word like a physical ball and repeats it. Then they make an association and pass the next word to someone else in the circle. "Ball...Red" "Red...Rainbow" "Rainbow...Oz" The focus is on honoring the energy of the gift, calmly allowing the association, and connecting to the other person when you toss them the word.

Round 2: Now people are allowed to move around the circle and pass words however they like (longer toss or shorter pass). Begin as before and then add more word into the group so more pass chains are happening. 

Variations to explore: 
Increase physicality and/or sound when passing words. Allow the words to inform how you treat them both in receiving and what you share. 

Use A-B-C associations. 
Round 1: Just A-B as described above
Round 2: A-B-C with B said out loud but not passed
Round 3: A-B-C with B said silently and only C passed.
(then add group mingle version)

Warm-up game: Soundball


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