James Smart

Wink Murder

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5 - 156 + Low

A fun energizer where one player must try and eliminate the rest of the team by winking - all without being caught.





    Setting up

    • Have players all sit in a circle where they can see each other clearly.
    • Tear a piece of paper into enough pieces for each player.
    • Draw an X on one piece.
    • Fold up the pieces and give one to each player.
    • Explain the rules BEFORE instructing players to open up their paper.

    How to play

    • The player that receives the X is the Wink Assassin. 
    • The Wink Assassin's goal is to eliminate the other players. To do this, they must look around and discreetly wink or raise their eyebrow at another player. The player that is winked at is the victim. The victim yells out some variation of "I'm hit" or "They got me!" (With drama and theatrics - bonus points for most elaborate death!) and that player is out of the game. 
    • Players must watch for who is Wink Assassin. At any point, if they catch someone winking, they can accuse them of being the Wink Assassin. 
      • If they get it right and catch, the Wink Assassin, they win. 
      • If they get it wrong and accuse someone who is not the Wink Assassin, they are out of the game instead. 
    • If the Wink Assassin is able to successfully eliminate all but one of the players, they win.


    • For a more complex game, add a second piece of paper with a circle drawn on it. 
    • The player with the circle drawn on it is the Wink Accomplice.
    • The Wink Accomplice's job is distract the other players in any way they see fit and help the Wink Assassin win. 
    • The Wink Accomplice can be eliminated - they must try to communicate that they are the accomplice somehow, but without making it too clear to the rest of the team.
    • At any point, players can accuse someone of being the Wink Accomplice. If they get it right, the Wink Accomplice is out of the game. If they get it wrong, they are out of the game. 


    There are many variations of this game, but I made a few small changes to help everyone be involved in trying to catch the assassin, but with a drawback to getting it wrong!

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