Erica Marx

Widen the Lens

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justification game to expand context



create connected context and justification
if this is true, what else is true


Widen the lens explanation
-- do physical demo (expand hands to show taking in more)
What is behind the part of the world that you can not see?
What truth is just out of view? (literally or “true about the world”)
What else must be true in the world?
Expand the view -- see other patterns
What does this mean in bigger picture?
Expand time / space / geography / history

Groups of 4
First A says word, B says word, and C justifies the two together with a narrative, idea, or invention of some sort. D yes and’s C in a way that “widens the lens”

All say word at the same time

A: “Dog”
B: “Parachute”
C: A parachute used in the army for military dogs to be dropped into dangerous territories
D: None of the enemy soldiers can resist petting the dog. It calms them down which allows for peace talks to begin.

(new round begins)

B: Parachute
C: Raptor
D: A new discovery was made that some species of dinosaurs had extremely thin skin which could fill with air if they were pushed over a cliff
E: These are the predecessors of the flying squirrels we know today


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