Vojta Žák

Who you are

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45 - 905 - 50 Medium

The activity is aimed to create personal fanzines, a collage method for auto-narrative and self-discovery.



To create a fanzine. 



    1. The activity starts with a 10 min meditation in pairs. Each pair has an A and a B role.

    2. The A person starts asking the B “Who are you?” in a mantra way and B answer every time differently.

    3. After 5 min the pairs switch the roles.

    4. After the preparatory phase participants are asked individually to create their personal Fanzine using the suggestions and input from the meditating activity. ¨

    - 10 min preparatory reflection activity to prepare participants for the activity: Who you are meditation in pairs roles A&B

    - 1,10 h creation of Fanzines: using collage as a practice of self-discovery, autobiography

    - 5-10 min of restitution, whole group


    This activity had been created by participants of Muses - Youth Exchanged financed by Erasmus+.

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