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Who/What/When Matrix

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With Who/What/When matrix, you can connect people with clear actions they have defined and have committed to.



To have a clear picture and consensus on tasks and next steps of executing them





    1. On a flip chart or whiteboard, create a matrix that outlines WHO / WHAT / WHEN.
    2. Although instincts may be to start with the “WHAT” (the tasks and items that need to be done), this approach starts with the “WHO” (the people who will be taking the actions). Put every participant’s name into the matrix in this column.
    3. Ask each participant what concrete next steps they can commit to. Place this in the WHAT column. Each participant may have a number of next steps that he thinks are required or feels strongly about. For each item, ask that person “WHEN” he will have the item done.
    4. Actions don’t take themselves, and people don’t commit as strongly to actions as they do to each other. By approaching next steps “people-first,” a few things change. First, it becomes clear that the people in the room are the ones who are accountable for next steps. Second, by making commitments in front of their peers, participants stake their credibility on taking action, and are more likely to follow through. And third, it becomes clear WHO is going to do WHAT by WHEN—and who has volunteered little or no commitment.


    The Who/What/When Matrix game was designed by Dave Gray and inspired by the business-coaching methods of Mike Berman.

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