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Partner choices / Forming Groups / Who goes first

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facilitation short cuts
list of ways to instruct how to pair / group up
quickly decide which partner goes first



put people at ease because you make the choice easy for them
build in content and/or fun into transitions


Forming Pairs or Groups

Pair up with someone who...

Made similar fashion choices
Wearing similar colors
Has similar shoes
Has similar hair
Similar height

Shark Island

In a moment the floor will turn to an ocean filled with hungry sharks. The only way to be safe is to quickly get into a group of 2/3/4/5/6 people and form an island. You need the exact number of people to form the island. Ready, GO!

Who goes first

Person goes first who...
Most times attended (this annual conference) 
Most years worked in this department or at this company
Travelled the farthest to get here
Most introverted 
Least hours of sleep last night

Most suitcases in their hotel room
Most emails in inbox 
Speaks the most languages
Most number of pets at home
number of people you’ve hugged today
Pick a number between 1 and 8327, highest goes first

Earliest birthday in the year


Longest hair
Tallest heel
Biggest shoe

Group of 3
hoose an apple, chocolate, hamburger

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