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Who are you? The pirate ship exercise

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This an easy but powerful exercise to open a meeting or session and get participants to reflect on their attitudes or feelings about a topic, in the organization, team, or in the project.



- Reflect individually or/and as a group about our role and attitudes in an organization, a team, or in a project.




    - Show participants the image of the ship. If you are running an online meeting you can just share your screen and show the image.  

    - Invite each participant to reflect on which person in the picture best represents them in relation to the topic. 

    - Ask participants to share (for example in the chat) the number of the perso who represents them and explaining in a sentence why.

    - Debrief with the group.

    This exercise can be also used as an icebreaker to start conversations. For example, you could ask "Which character in the image best represents you in relation to online training? Why? Put your answer in the chat".


    I drew the picture of the ship again starting from this image I found on the Internet: https://thinkingforthechange.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/20130215-183845.jpg 

    Source: learninglegendario.com

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