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Whiteboard Rotation

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10 - 301 - 1 Medium

Using multiple digital whiteboards, participants float to different whiteboards to add their thoughts, contributions, or questions. Final whiteboards are discussed and reviewed.



Add ideas freely and move to different whiteboards freely. Good for brainstorming or building patterns (like collaborative storytelling).




    1. Establish digital whiteboards for as many topics as needed.

    2. Give participants whiteboard URLs, instructions, and other logistics.

    3. Participants visit each white board to contribute assigned information: questions, opinions, processes, etc. Recommendation: Assign a specific amount of time for the entire session giving average times for each whiteboard, or create an announcement when participants must move on.

    4. Use completed whiteboards for full room discussion, group presentations of whiteboard content, or save the images for use and review later.

    Continuation options

    a) Whiteboards can be accompanied with a host participant that stays with the whiteboard to guide others’ participation. This is similar to World Cafe rotation.

    b) For long-term projects, keep whiteboards active for updates and changes over time.


    Instead of whiteboards, shared process flow boards like Trello are useful.


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