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"When I feel..."

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People take turns sharing how they feel and stating what they do when they feel the way someone else is feeling. 



Prompt everyone to close their eyes, check in with themselves, and identify how they are feeling in a word or two.  When they know their word or phrase, they open their eyes. 

Once everyone is ready, whoever starts names how they are currently feeling. Then they call someone else's name. 

Person 2 then says, "When I feel [the feeling Person 1 named], I [how they express that feeling or what they do]." e.g. "When I feel sad, I lie down, listen to sad music, and cry." Person 2 then shares their own feeling and call a name, and so on. 

Once someone says what they do, the rest of the group mimes or does that as well (take a breath, do yoga, go for a bike ride, etc.)

Facilitator acknowledges that the feelings may change so the request is to name your current feeling (even if it's changed from when you started). This allows the group to affect each other. 


Originally developed by Robin Fox
Variations explored in AIN Open Space

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