Wheel of Reasoning

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Based on a storytelling technique, this tool is used to develop a deeper understanding of reasonable alternative future scenarios.



The Wheel of Reasoning can be used to understand possible underlying causes of problems or threats and be able to explore possibilities for change. It helps to build an argument that supports your vision of change and design your solution space. 

This method helps to

- Develop an exponential mindset; thinking about 10x changes, instead of just improving the current way of working, products, and services.

- Build an argument that supports your vision and desired change.

- Determine the underlying cause that leads to the necessity for change.

- Create space for a solution (what do we want to solve?).




    You start with a moonshot: what is the dream? Following the wheel, you determine what solutions will drive change to accomplish this dream, and what problems and threats you have to be overcome. This will lead to you the root cause of the problem so that you can start to explore possibilities for change. 

    Important remarks

    Do this after the Moonshot Thinking exercise 



    Arjen Postma & Jorgen van der Sloot (2007) - Wheel of Reasoning 

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