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What Are You Doing?

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In a circle Person 1 mimes an activity. The next person asks them 'what are you doing" and they respond with something different. Then person 2 begins doing that activity.



practice accepting offers
easy intro to being physical with improv, spacework


This is really a Dissociation game, but fun to play.

Everyone at one end of the room, form a long line. The first player of the line steps into the room and starts miming an activity. As soon as the activity is clear, player 2 approaches player 1 and asks `What are you doing`.

The first player answers something that has nothing to do with what he`s actually doing. E.g. if player 1 is cutting someone`s hair, when asked what he`s doing he might say "I`m reading the newspaper".

First player moves away, and the second player starts miming the activity stated by the previous player. A third player comes up to player 2, asks what he is doing, and so on.

Play until everyone has mimed something, and has answered the question.


You can also play this at super high speed, with 2 players. We mean super-super high speed. As soon as one of the players says ummm, hesitates, or uses an noffer that was used before in that session, that player is replaced. Great for warm-up and energy!

Note -- Make your partner look good! Don't put them on a toilet, okay?!?


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