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Weather Check-in

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3 - 10 

Each person describes how they are feeling in terms of a weather system.    



Instantly create a metaphor for personal mood, stresses, perspective, etc.

Help people to think visually


The facilitator can encourage people to close their eyes and to imagine a weather system and a landscape, prompting them to fill in more sensory detail and to imagine where/what they are in relation to what they are visualizing. Then in paired breakout rooms or small groups, people can describe their weather system and say how it might reflect their current state. 


"I feel like I am in the eye of a tornado, things swirling around me though I'm calm."

" I feel like i'm walking through a sunny field with spring petals drifting down all around me. "

Creates powerful before/after comparison if done at beginning and end of the session.

TIP: This can be revisited at the end (as a "weather check-out" to see how the people/team 'climate' has changed


You can also use the same structure to do an "animal check-in," where people imagine an animal and visualize what state that animal is in (e.g. sleeping, eating, growling defensively).   


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