Jasmine Ferguson

Two Lies and a Truth

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This is a well-known and simple ice-breaker, designed to get to know the other members of your team well, as well as practicing your own poker face!



Encourage members of your team to get to know each other better by sharing some interesting truths and lies about themselves.



Ask each team member to prepare a list of three interesting "facts" about themselves, two of which must be completely made up. These could be anything from a place they've lived, a hobby they (don't) have, or a famous person they say they've met, etc.

Then, one at a time, each team member will tell the group each statement. The other team members much decide on the facts they think are true. The team member who receives the most incorrect votes "wins."

If you want to make the game competitive, you may set up a tracking sheet to track who had the highest number of correct guesses.

If you have certain pairs or groups of people who know each other for much longer time than the rest of the people know each other, you may ask those people not to guess loudly when they are certain of the right answer.

Variation: for a longer activity. Allow the group to ask the team member on question about each of their statements.

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