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Gain empathy by trying something new.

Imagine a day in the life of a person you're designing for - their morning routine, diet, hobbies, commute, commonly used products, and more.



Choose one behavior you - or your whole team - want to adopt from their life. Does this person walk everywhere? Try walking as your main transportation. Do they have an interesting way of managing their time? Give it a shot! Do they love a certain type of music? Craft a playlist.

Determine how long you will attempt this behavior. It could be for the duration of the project or just a day or two.

After you have adopted the behavior for some time, reflect on how it felt. How did it impact you life? Do you see them differently? What did you learn?

Project example:

For a project in Kenya that asked dairy farmers to change the way they sold their milk, some people on the team tried a new and restrictive diet or incorporated a bidet into their routine just to experience how difficult it can be to change your behavior. 

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