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True of Me

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People make statements that are true about themselves, and others for whom the statement is true reveal themselves.  


Additional info

It can be helpful for the facilitator to say the first handful of statements, before calling someone else's name to offer one.


To get people sharing about themselves, seeing one another, and making connections with one another.  



    On Zoom, instruct everyone into Gallery View.

    Everyone covers their webcam with a post it note, a piece of paper, or their finger. Then one person reveals themself and says a statement that is true for them, e.g. "I can see flowers from where I am sitting" or "I have a dog" or "I've had coffee today." Everyone for whom that's true uncovers their camera, waves to each other, and then covers their camera again. The person who gave the prompt then passes the lead to someone else in the group that is revealed from their question. 

    Facilitation notes:

    I think it is more fun for people to cover their screens with something than to have people use "stop video" on zoom, because you can still see everyone's individual square and the different colored squares light up like a stained glass collage. And because it involves more physical motion as well.

    This is a great activity for reading the energy and dynamics of the group. Especially with smaller groups, participants will often begin to share more vulnerable things about themselves. Based on how it is facilitated, this activity can be used as a light connecting game or as a deeper activity that surfaces issues on a team, checks for alignment, and builds connection among participants.

    If people do not have a webcam, they can use the 'Reactions" button on Zoom. This will display an emoji.

    The facilitator can constrain the topic to use for specific application. For example, debriefing an event or determining what's important to a team. People are still using the same prompt for what's true for them. 

    Another variation is that the facilitator can change the prompt to "Show your face if..." to source information about the group. e.g. "Show yourself if this is your first time attending one of our programs!" Use care with this version since it puts participants on the spot to reveal what is true for them, so use only for information that you have confidence is neutral to positive for people to be sharing.

    Large groups
    This exercise works really well for large groups because you don't need to see everyone at once. It also naturally encourages people to turn on their videos because they want to play! It also gets everyone involved in a way that is relatively easy and low stakes. Its a great activity for bouncing the energy around in a group and including many voices.


    Learned and developed with fellow facilitators in the Applied Improvisation Network in 2020. 

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