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Spoken activities such as presentations or role play conversations are transcribed then analyzed.



Dive into content and context and allow facilitators and participants to see small elements and to highlight patterns. 




    1. While a spoken activity (presentation, negotiation, etc.) is performed, run transcription software for a quick analysis of the content.

    2. Use the transcriptions to give feedback, guide analysis, and show alternative options. Share the transcriptions using screen share or sending a URL in Chat.

    Continuation options

    Run transcriptions (or sections) through other online filters such as Readability Test Tool ( or The Writer’s Diet (


    a) If transcription software isn’t available, facilitator or select participants can type transcription notes and patterns. These conversation mappings may not be complete, but they can show patterns, structures, and exchanges between Participant A and Participant B.

    b) Use transcriptions for individual or small group analysis instead of facilitator feedback.

    c) Use participants’ written work such as business emails or written drafts of their spoken content for prepared presentations.


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