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This writing activity has the purpose to look inside oneself, to connect with who've been, who we are and who we want to be in a future. It also brings the opportunity to change some aspects of that or how we experience things, changing completely the perspective of the first written text or poem.


- Connecting with oneself

- Knowing oneself better

- Changing perspective



    For this activity, each participant will choose 3 words: one that represents him/her in the past, one that represents him/her in the present and one that he/she wants that represents him/her in the future.

    Then, they will have to write a poem or a prose text. It doesn’t need to rhyme, it just to be a meaningful text for them. They need to use the words they chose but they don’t need to strictly speak about themselves.

    Once they have written their poem or text, they will have to write another one changing completely the meaning or connotation of the 3 chosen words.

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