Andy Pearson

The GIF bag

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Encourage team reflection in a fun and expressive way!



At the end of this short exercise, each team member will have a couple of key takeaways to focus on, as well as a clear list of the items from a recent workshop which other team members found most important.



Show participants an image of a small gift bag and ask:

“Of all the tools and ideas shared in our workshop, what key takeaway or new knowledge would you wish to put into a gift bag, to give to others?"

This may be anything from a feeling, a new process, a new direction or resource.

The twist? Try to encourage the participants to not only use words, but to use a GIF to express themselves!


Ask each participant to take note of the contents of others' GIF bags, and to choose one further item from the other GIF bags to add to their own. Why did they choose the additional item?

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