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Build on your ideas by looking at them from someone else's perspective. What would your favorite actor think of your concept? Would your president or prime minister endorse it? What if you were to switch hats with another organization? How would they change or build on your idea?



1. Write down a list of 5-6 different brands or people (think: an actress, a comedian, your favorite clothing brand, etc.)

2. Look at your brand, idea, or product through the lens of each person or organization on your list. How would your idea be different in their hands? For instance, if you are working on a refugee resettlement, how would Versace approach it versus Nike or Oprah?

3. Sketch out a version of your idea from each perspective - make them as extreme as possible.

4. Repeat this exercise with different brands or celebrities. Did any trigger any new idea?


The method is great for workshops. Divide into groups and have each team run through the exercise with the different brand. 

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