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A short exercise to bring ‘story-building’ to life: a key emerging concept in networked digital communications.



To help participants get from storytelling to story-building




    Step 1:

    Read the articles and presentations in the references section below to gain an understanding of the subject. You might also send readings out to participants prior to the exercise, to ensure that everyone has a basic grasp of the concept of story building and why it is important.

    Explain the purpose of the workshop: to practically explore the idea of moving from storytelling to story-building, an essential concept in a networked digital world.

    Today we are going to build some stories together, by curating data and existing user content using a free web service called Storify.

    Step 2:

    Discuss with the group the kinds of stories that would be interesting and appropriate to build. They might be relevant to the workshop, program, or company; or they might be related to a personal passion.

    The purpose is not to create a high-quality piece of content, but rather to experiment and try-out a versatile tool.

    Step 3:

    Get the participants to sign up to Storify. They can use existing Facebook and Twitter accounts, or create a new Storify account.

    Give them basic instructions to get started:

    Now build your story. Pull in elements from social media, news sites, and blogs, to make it as engaging and comprehensive as you can.

    Be playful and have fun with it. Share your story with the rest of the group before the next workshop.

    Facilitator notes

    You can follow this session up with a group reflection on the experience. Try these questions: What have I learned about story building? What have I learned about the subject How can I apply this to my organisation/brand/client?


    The End of Storytelling: 3 Ways to Boost Conversions with Story Building, Gigya, 2015

    Story Building vs Storytelling, Design Taxi, 2011

    Story building: how customer involvement leads to happily-ever-after, Direct Marketing News

    Source: Hyper Island toolbox

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    • Storify.com isn´t available anymore ;(

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