Squeeze Your Brain in 635

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Generate a lot of long ideas using 6 rounds/3 ideas/5 minutes



From a previous sequence or planning meeting, select the most relevant challenge/question to explore 

Invite participants to form groups of 6 in a circle of chairs. If a group has less than 6 people, adjust “6/3/5” with a number of rounds as needed as long as you make participants hit and overcome 3 successive creativity barriers.

Each participant has a game sheet “6/3/5” and 18 post-its.

The facilitator will drumbeat 6 rounds of 5 minutes during which each participant will think of 3 ideas every time.

The game begins with round 1, in silence, each participant has to write 3 ideas to answer to the question (on 3 post-its); invite all to attach their 3 post-its to the table template on the appropriate line and to pass their sheet to his/her colleague to the right.


For round 2, in silence, each participant reads the ideas already attached on the sheet for inspiration and adds on 3 new post-its, 3 new ideas (ideas must differ from those already proposed).


Repeat this operation for the next 4 rounds.


Each participant should then select the most interesting 3 or 4 post-its from the sheet in front of them.


Display all selected post-its on a flipchart and cluster them.


Invite the whole group to read all ideas from the different clusters; reflect on how many new ideas have been produced and invite all to follow on with the next sequence.

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