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Sound Ball

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Circle players up and let them know they will play catch, which is very easy. The difference is that the "ball" is a sound they make up in the moment and it will change with every throw to the next player

Player 1 "throws" by making a sound accompanied by a gesture/eye contact to indicate who they are throwing to

Player 2 "catches" by making the same sound back to player 1

Player 2 is then player 1 and creates a new sound to throw to a new player 2

Play for a few minutes and see how players adjust and relax. Pause midway if needed to help them along with key questions like "are you looking for a right or a cool sound?" or "how much are you in your head?"


What improved it and smoothed it out?

What did you have to let go of?

How risky did it feel?

  • Clear send/receive
  • Waiting
  • Willingness to look a little silly

Discussions can go in many directions, let the players discover their own answers.

Virtual Adaptation:

Number the players - make sure the numeral is in front of their name so it stays visible, ex 3 James, and have them "throw" to the next number.


Have players call on one another before they "throw," ex "Mary, ooga boogah!"



Origin is not known to me, have seen it used as a stock warm up game in Improv.

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