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Sit - Stand - Disappear

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As a virtual game in Zoom, have people narrow their screen so they only see 3 people in a row. Each person will simultaneously try to have one person sitting, one standing , and one out of the frame in their row.



As virtual game, an energizer
Gets people physically moving
An example of embracing qualities of Zoom


Tell people to narrow their Zoom window so there are 3 people in a row
Have everyone practice each of the 3 moves. 

Let people know that you know everyone will see a different order on their screen - this is what makes the game work! Instead of being frustrated with Zoom changing the order in gallery view, let's accept that and see how we can play with this feature.

 is fun to add silly music to this game while people are playing. 

Facilitator starts the game (3-2-1 Go!)
Game play continues organically since everyone's moves affect other people on the screen. 


Learned from Adam, Renatus, and Ayra on FLOW call from the Co-Creation School on 5/14/2020. Perhaps developed within the Applied Improvisation Network open space sessions?

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  • One doubt. Can people speak during the activity? Telling things like... "John, stand up, Mary, out of the frame..." or is it a silent activity?

    5 months ago