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Self-confidence comes from within, to have self-confidence you have to have trust in others but more importantly, you have to trust yourself.



Be aware that self-confidence comes to accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life. The more you trust yourself, the bigger the chance that you'll trust in others.




    Just Dance (10 min)

    We all stand in a circle, the first one does one dance move and continues doing that dance until everyone is dancing. The second person repeats the LAST move of the person in front f them and adds their own dance and continues doing those two dances, the next person copies the last (new) dance from the person before them and adds their own dance and they continue dancing till the end.

    Trust circle (5 min)

    Holding hands is all about trust in each other, we go one by one saying front back, front, back after everyone has said front or back they lean that way, trusting that the people beside them will support their weight.

    Fall back (6 min)

    One player is in the middle of a circle and falls in one direction and is caught by the others in the circle. They push that player back in a new direction, like a spinning top or pendulum.

    Horse with blinkers (6 min)

    An obstacle course is completed on piggyback. One person (the horse) is blindfolded (blinkers). Using thigh pressure the horse gets instructions from the rider. The rider is not allowed to talk. The horse must react according to the rider's pressure signals on the thighs. Stay within the borders of the rope and two big mattresses, avoid the pillows, do a whole circle.

    Minefields (6 min)

    There are groups of two people, one is blindfolded and the other one has to guide them through the mind field just by talking to them from afar. If he touches a mine (an object that is on the ground), he’s out. Only listen to your partner and remember IT'S A RACE.

    Blind snake (6 min)

    The group members are blindfolded. Only one person is allowed to see. All players hold on to each other's shoulders or hands. The seeing person is not the snakehead but is at the end of the line and gives instructions (guides their team members through the obstacle course).

    The rope game (6 min)

    Each of the players has to jump over the rope. If all participants jump over the rope successfully (without touching it) the game goes to the next level (the rope gets higher).

    If one of the players accidentally touch the rope, it automatically gets higher and all the players that have already crossed have to go back and do it all again.

    Give it all your best and jump as high as you can.

    The plane game (20 min)

    As a team, you sit down and you have five minutes each of you to write on the paper why you are or are not confident, how you became confident, what self-confidence means for you or tell a story about when you felt most confident. A person can write either in the first or third person. Then participants make a paper aeroplane (we'll have a person who shows how to do it) and when everyone is ready, throw the planes, then you pick a plane from your group (but not yours), read each other's papers and have a discussion,  give advice or tell a story from your own life.

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