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Secret Handshake

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2 players create a secret 'handshake' when they see each other again they do their handshake



Demo types of moves you can make on Zoom making use of your whole screen. For example, coming in close to the camera, hand/body gestures, moving in and out of frame, etc. Demo coming up with a 'secret handshake' with a partner.

Send pairs into breakout rooms for a couple minutes to come up with a 2-3 part "secret handshake" that they practice together.

When they come back to the main session, have people share their handshakes. 

- Ask for volunteers "Who would like to teach us your handshake?" Spotlight the pair. Everyone else follows along. 

- Have everyone do their handshake at the same time

For the rest of the call, instruct people to do their secret handshake when they find themselves in the same breakout room together. 


This works well after a paired activity where people have established some sort of connection (can be a quick activity) and/or a theme with each other to use as inspiration for the handshake.


Based on the same activity that you can do in person. 

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