Erica Marx

Scene Painting

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One by one individuals add details to a scene.
Variation: 2 players sculpt details as the group creates the scene
Scene: Players add before/during the scene



practice working with objects and space
yes and building a scene


As a verbal warmup:
One person begins with a verbal offer "there is a lamp"
The next person adds a single item or detail "The lamp has a thin white paper shade"
etc. until a sense of the scene is created

Physical Variation:
Have two players 'build' the objects and/or interact with the objects as they are created. These players may relate to each other as well. 

In a scene: 
This is a technique where players describe verbally things that exist within the improvised space. Usually you start by pointing to where the thing is, possibly miming using it or tracing its outline, saying "We see a..." or "There is a..." or some such variation followed by describing what the actual thing is.

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