Agate Klyu

Rhythm of the hearts

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20 - 4015 - 40 Medium

The activity is aimed to get in touch with our own body, inner rhythm as well as rise awareness of people around us.


Become aware of our natural body rhythm.


Participants make a few inhales and exhales to ground themselves and become fully present.

  1. By touching their own wrist, neck or chest they get to feel their own heartbeat;
  2. After a few minutes participants can start moving around as fast as their heart beats;
  3. (If someone doesn't feel/hear it anymore, they can stop, find their heartbeat again and then start moving anew)
  4. After a while, participants can start exploring. Step on every second, third beat, double the speed;
  5. Next step can happen naturally as well as instructions might need to be voiced. Participants become aware of other people's rhythm. 
  6. Last step is to find common beat, harmony.


Learned in Erasmus+ Training course "Release" by Czech youth organization YOUnique in 2021.

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