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Lean Agile Procurement Approach

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Lean-Agile Procurement in 90 minutes game



try LAP approach in a game




    better to conduct after the introduction of the LAP approach and LAP cases

    -rules and agenda

    -separate group to the teams: 1 customer team and N (max 3) suppliers team. 6 person each maximum.

    -customer team should define the concept of the product and introduce it to suppliers (3-4 min)

    -customer team filling the right side of LAP canvas and defining the evaluation criteria catalog. supplier teams partly filling the left side of LAP canvas (team, rewards, USP, capabilities) based on the introduced product concept (imagining the best team). 10-15 min.

    -customer team presenting the right side and evaluation criteria. Suppliers may ask questions. 10-15 min

    -suppliers preparing the full left side and making a prototype (with paper, glue, scotch etc), customer team drinking coffee :) 15-20 min

    -suppliers presenting the full canvas and customer testing prototype 7-10 min per team. during presentations customer team filling evaluation spreadsheet.

    -customer team presenting the final score and winner could get a prize (chocolate etc) 5-10 min

    -Debriefing:  what was great, which cool hacks and tricks did you use? does it look like your current procurement? what is different? which outcome could you reach by using LAP? what kind of risks do you see, how could you mitigate them? 


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