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Players repeat the last line of dialogue before adding another detail





This exercise can be played with two participants at a time. The two players will make up a fictional conversation on the fly. However, a new line of dialogue cannot be started until the previous line was repeated.

For example:

Player 1: “Shark Week is scary!”

Player 2: “Shark week is scary! There should be a warning before every show.”

P1:“There should be a warning before every show. I don’t even want to go to the beach anymore.”

P2: “You don’t even want to go to the beach anymore. And I can’t get a tan because of it!”

By repeating the entire previous phrase before crafting a response, participants must thoughtfully process and reflect on what was just said. The repetition may feel a bit silly at first, but this activity helps to break the cycle of, “passively hear, acceptably answer” and embrace the more effective tactic of, “actively listen, thoughtfully respond.”


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