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Repeat / Reword / Support

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Partner A either repeats, rewords, or supports Partner B's statement before adding their own dialogue.



Understand impact of simple listening

Creating scene starts with listening


Alex and Beth are doing a scene. Beth can say anything she wants, Alex's dialogue has to follow the director's instructions.

Repeat means Alex literally repeats Beth's dialogue. ("I'd like a Pepsi," she might say, "I'd like a Pepsi," Alex says.) 

Reword means Alex takes what Beth said but finds another way to say it. ("I'd like a Pepsi," she might say, "You want a refreshing soft drink" he might respond.) 

Support means Alex takes what Beth says and makes it correct and provides reasons why. ("I'd like a Pepsi," she might say, "Of course you want a Pepsi, after all a Pepsi is America's number one carbonated beverage," Alex might say.) 

The director can switch up which one Alex does during the scene. Repeating and Rewording helps us pay attention to what our scene partner says, Support helps us add to it more directly.


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