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"Remember the time..."

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5 - 203 - 8 Medium

Participants tell a story of a shared (fictional) memory, adding details one at a time to create a cohesive picture and narrative. 



To get everyone listening closely to one another and building on what other people have said

To give everyone an opportunity to contribute

To co-create something as a group


The first person starts by saying "remember the time..." and introducing a shared (fictional) memory the group has of something they did together (e.g. "Remember the time we went to that street fair, and it was a really hot day?").  That person calls someone else's name, and the next person adds details. In this way, each person says 1-3 sentences, building out the story.  

Note: Instead of people calling on the next person, the order can be set ahead of time.

Other Story-telling Variations:

Word-at-a-time Story: each person only says one word.  [For this, a pre-set order is important, and it's helpful to use the prompt "once upon a time," rather than "remember the time"]


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