Andrea Beliczki

Rejection Therapy

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Get fresh and perspective by trying something new and (slightly) scary.

Often, we're designing for behavior change. To find emotional common ground with the people you're designing for, observe how it feels to wade into the unknown, and experience how scary trying something new can be.



1. Brainstorm scenarios where you would likely told "no". Make them feel wacky (and even a little scary): Here are some examples:

  • Ask a bus driver if you can drive the bus.
  • Ask a restaurant if you can order a burger AND cook it yourself.
  • Ask a stranger if you can have their jacket.
  • Ask a grocery store if you can buy a single tic tac.

2. Go out into the world and proudly make your requests. Brace yourself for some rejection.

3. Come back, share and reflect. How did it feel to be in such a vulnerable position? How might this affect your design?


This is great workshop activity. Brainstorm scenarios before the workshop, then have people go out and experience rejection. Afterwards, reflect in small groups about how this experience relates to your project.

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