Erica Marx

Red Ball

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Pass around imaginary balls & other objects



Group awareness. Listening. Acknowledgement of receiving from another.


To begin, everyone stands in a circle. The Director/Coach mimes holding a ball, which they pass to someone else in the circle while making eye contact and saying “Red ball.”

The person receiving it repeats, “Red ball” as they take it. They give it to someone else, saying “Red ball” and making eye contact as they pass it. That person repeats “Red ball” as they receive it, and so on.

This continues until everyone in the circle has had the ball a couple of times. The Director then gives someone a mimed bowl, saying “Red bowl.” That person repeats “Red bowl,” and passes it on to someone else.

Once the red bowl and red ball have gone around the circle, the Director can add a bread bowl, a Red Bull (miming a can), a red shawl, blue ball, angry cat, sleeping baby, keys to the Ferrari, tiny bird (that flies) etc.

When all the items are in play, the Director stops everyone and asks who has each item by a show of hands.


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  • My favorite additional items to send around the circle: Hawk (hawk, hawk here!) and Baby (don’t toss the baby; walk the baby across the circle to give to someone while protecting the baby from all the balls, hawks, etc. getting tossed; person who receives the baby then carries to another part of the circle and so on)

    almost 4 years ago