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Guess who I am

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plan some time with your teammates to test your personalities



improving team relationship and self-awareness


Before discussing the results, plan some time with your teammates to test your personalities. Perform all the test on (based on MBTI). It will give you your profile among 16 different profiles. The goal of the game is to guess who is who. A team member starts. The others shall guess his/her profile. Each player writes down the profile on a piece of paper (or use cards) . And when all have done it, they disclose their choice. The ones who win earn three points. If nobody finds the right profile, do as much rounds as necessary (and decrease the number of points earned). Do it for each team member. The winner is the one having most points. Then display the Praditus results and see how you can help each others improving some skills.


Context: ​During a team event or a team building

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  • This sounds interesting as I am planning an MBTI workshop. Would you be able/prepared to give me a bit more information about what the team member does? What do they do/say that allows their colleagues to guess?

    3 months ago