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Pass the Clap

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Pass a simultaneous clap around the circle



eye contact
group cohesion


All players in a circle. One player starts the game by making eye contact with another player. Then, both clap their hands simultaneously. The `receiving` player then makes eye contact with another player, and they synchro-clap. And so on.

Once a firm rhythm is established, start accelerating slowly.

Variation 1
People change places in the circle as the clap goes around without anyone dropping the clap

Variation 2
When the group has mastered the above, introduce the double clap. When a pair claps twice, the direction of the clap reverses. This presents a challenge, as pairs must non-verbally agree whether to clap once or twice. The group must be highly focused and attentive to each other for the clap to continue smoothly around the circle in this step.

Variation 3
n a circle, establish a word between the person to your right and a different word with the person on your left. ie. "Baby" "boom" Then play the game w/ reversal of directions (possibly then with running around)

Variation 4
can pass clap across the circle

Variation 5
group walks around and passes the clap.
Or group stays in circle but can run around whenever you want, keeping clap going in a circle at the same pace.

Coaching - 
Can add "freakout" - whole group rearranges & then the play continues. 


Also called Synchro clap

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