Erica Marx

Parallel Universe (Swedish Story variation)

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One person begins telling a true story and the instructor hands slips of paper with Emotion, Place, or Object for them to incorporate into their story.



How easily can you accept something that is not true?
Discover joy of letting go of your story



    Prep: Have player write down Objects, Emotions, and Places on individual slips of paper and put in envelopes (3 envelopes, 3 colors of paper)

    Form pairs
    Choose topic for stories (ie. your first date / job / road trip etc.)

    Round 1:  Each person tells 1 min story while the other person listens.
    Round 2: Person A begins to tell a true story and has to incorporate the info on the slips of paper that the instructor is handing out into their story. 

    Note: I walked around the room at a steady pace delivering slips of paper, about 8-12 per storyteller. 


    Have the partner say random words for the person to incorporate (ie. Swedish 
    Lead into "Remember the time" and two people go back and forth
    Remember the time + the slips of paper


    Erica/Jim adaptation of Swedish Story to use slips of paper (easier for beginner class or applied context)

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