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Paper Telephone

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Paper Telephone is a mix of two methods, "Telephone" and "Pictionary". It is a creative game aiming to fasten the get-to-know each other phase of the team while having a good time.



  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Communication




    Each person around the room has a piece of paper. Each writes on the top of the paper a sentence, which could be completely abstract or nonsensical. Each paper is passed to the person next to them, who draws a picture depicting their interpretation of the sentence. They then fold the paper so that the sentence is no longer visible, but their picture is showing. They pass the paper to another player, who then writes a new sentence based on what he or she thinks the picture is showing. Then this third player folds the picture out of view, and passes their sentence on to another player. The process is repeated - sentence, picture, sentence - until the paper is filled, or until a pre-determined number o(e.g. 5 sentences, 4 pictures) - ending with a sentence, not a picture. Read the sentences aloud to the group while showing the pictures.


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