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Open Fist

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Teams work better when they find things in common. Stronger teams reduce turnover, increase pleasant interactions, and improve productivity.


Make individuals discover common interest in the team hence increase team cohesion and productivity.



Participants sit in a group. Ask participants to sit in a circle and raise their right fist.

Begin the activity. The first player calls out an interesting little known fact about herself. (Examples: I have traveled to India, I like science fiction novels, or I play the guitar.) Ask the other participants to open one finger from their fist if this statement is also true for them.

Change players. Ask the first player to point to any other player who will then become the second player. Repeat the process so that everyone has a chance to share a little-known fact or until someone's fist is fully open.

Encourage conversation. Allow time for participants to talk and learn more about what they have in common


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